From Bath – city of World Heritage


On 14th, it took me about 2 hours from London to Bath by car. The Hotel Luckman Park(picture 1)on the outskirts of Bath which is an extensive manor was used as the venue for the conference. They hunted fox in the olden times.   I have been to such places in Britain several times, one can feel the British wealth. Presently there is a conference, but  it is so cold and looks like it will rain and I do not feel like going outside. Anyhow, we had lunch after we arrived and after taking some rest for a while most of the time was spent for the Carnegie meeting which is our objective.


Photo 1 The entrance is seen from the “Main building” door

The conference started with Lord King, Corporate Advisor of UK the host country, Mr. Marburger, Corporate Advisor of US, Minister Fursenko of Russia, Corporate Advisior Carty of Canada, Mr. Hicks of Mexico (Director, National Council for Science and Technology)and myself. The science policy trends in each country and measures against the climate change, etc. were the points of presentations and lively discussions followed.   The Potocnik Minister of EU arrived late as the airplane was delayed. The France minister Pecresse arrived early in the morning on 15th. German minister Schavan was absent due to some sudden official business(Had met Mr. King and Carty in October for the Kyoto STS Forum

Photo 2 Last line from extreme left Canada, UK, France,
Next line from left Russia, USA, Mexico, EU, Japan

On the 15th, all the members except from Germany participated in the conference. I offered topics such as the G8, TICAD etc. to be held in Japan in 2008, Millennium Development Goals which is on its half way stage in 2008, and newly developed Environment Council report draft. The news flash of “COP13” of Bali was in the afternoon, and in the evening there was live coverage on TV by staffs from London and Lord King responded.  This nice media work and swift response of British government is impressive.


Photo 3 From left EU, Japan, UK, Mexico, and USA

At night we had a tour of Bath. The guide guided us very politely. The temperature was below zero and it was very cold. We walked in the town for about 30 minutes. We had the dinner at Luckman.

Photo 4 Choir before having food

On the 16th there was a meeting in the morning with Shelpa. We discussed on the 2008 G8 summit, macro level science policies, low carbon technologies etc.


Photo 5 From left, Minister Nishigahiro, Myself, Counselor Itakura


Photo 6 In front of the door with First Secretary of the Consulate, Mr. Matsuura

After the conference, I had a brief chat with Minister Nishigahiro, First Secretary Matsuura etc. who had come the previous night from London. After relaxing for some time, went to the Heathrow airport with Counselor Itakura. I arrived at Narita on 17th Monday afternoon. A short trip is nothing new to me but altogether it was a 100 hours journey which was tiring..