Things that should be abundoned.


So busy again this week.  I thought to myself why is it so?

I returned to Japan from the Middle East on the 6th (Tuesday).  So it is a matter of course that I was busy as it was necessary to have the normal contacts, briefings and appointments with various people from the next day.

On the 7th (Wednesday) afternoon, I had a video interview with Dr. Takeshi Yourou (will describe later).  In the evening, a speech which I agreed to do because it was related to the inauguration of "Innovation Courier."  It was great to be with Dr. Yonekura of the Hitotsubashi University.

On the 8th (Thursday) morning, I met Dr. Hisao Endo at a scheduled breakfast meeting of the NPO Health Policy Institute which I preside.  In the afternoon I met several people and discussed about work.  In the evening there was a reception of the President Council of the University of Tokyo where chancellors of more than 10 universities of China and Korea attended.  The vice minister of Ministry of Education of China was also there.  It was a great success. The chancellor of the Uiversity of Tokyo, Dr. Komiyama is a very active person who speaks and acts toward public very positively.

The next day on the 9th (Friday), I had a meeting of the President Council of the University of Tokyo.  I met Dr. Yoshino of the Harvard Business School after a long time.  I think the trend of the debate moved towards the direction I wished, but the speed is somewhat・・・.  Although I understand, it is still irritating.  In the evening was UCLA Alumni association meeting.  The Alumni members have increased under the leadership of Dr. Akada and it has become livelier.  The young people are gradually participating and preparing together.

It was raining since morning on the 10th (Saturday).  I attended the 130th anniversary of the University of Tokyo at the Yasuda auditorium. A President Council was held for this and several people from overseas participated as members. There was also a panel by Nobel Prize winners, Drs. Esaki, Ooe and Koshiba.

On 11th (Sunday), I gave a keynote speech along with Mr. Kamoshita, the minister of environment in a seminar of environment problems at the Sophia University (photo: with the minister Mr. Kamoshita and his wife).  There was a lovely harp, cello and violin performance before and after the speech which gave a great feeling.  I ended my speech with a note of Mr. Gandhi, 'the earth can meet our need, but not our greed' which received a huge applause.

Cimg3515shophiaunivnov12 Photo

This has become a habit but I was again busy this week.  I know I must make up my mind to skip or abandon something.