From Abu Dhabi-3; Dubai, and the Japanese environment technology.


On Oct. 26th, I was in Abu Dhabi and then stayed in Beijing and arrived at Narita late at night.  The following day, there was a meeting presided by Dr. Uzawa and I enjoyed this Saturday event.  The next week Monday to Friday was very busy.  Then I once again departed to Abu Dhabi in the early morning on Saturday.

This time it was a very different task. At both Abu Dhabi and Dubai about twelve Japanese companies collaborated under the leadership of Nikken Sekkei Ltd. to display and introduce the environmental techniques which are pride of Japan.  I gave a speech from the point of view of a scientist.

However, to visit Dubai Airport and Abu Dhabi twice within ten days was something I never would imagine, despite the fact that there were many coincidences that led this to happen.

After arriving in Dubai, a reception at the official residence of the consulate took place.  After staying there overnight, I went to Abu Dhabi again after a gap of "10 days."  I met the Ambassador His Excellency Hatano, some businessmen, and the Director General of INSEAD Abu Dhabi School.  I brought Japanese sweets for the students of the Japanese school as I promised at my previous visit and handed them through Mr. Yoshimura, the principal.  At night there was an excellent Japanese display of the environmental techniques and a video introduction of a proposal of new urban development.  There was also an interview with His Highness the Prince in between and after that I addressed to the gathering.  The speech given by His Highness the Prince was very earnest and made us aware that more efforts were needed for education.  A part of his thoughts now in action is to enroll the local students in the Japanese school and he seemed to be very thankful to Ambassador Hatano for sharing the same view.

The climate in Abu Dhabi in this time of the year is very pleasant. It is somewhat like Los Angeles.

Img_0884 Photo1: At the Abu Dhabi Golf Club, from left myself, His Excellency Hatano, Director General of INSEAD Abu Dhabi school Mr. Peter Jadersten, my friends Mr. Nomura, Mr. Saito

Img_0885 Photo2: At the Abu Dhabi Golf Club, myself and Mr. Saito

Img_0887 Photo3: In front of the residence of the consulate, from left Mr. Saito, Mr. Nomura, myself

Img_0888 Photo4: Having omelet rice at the terrace of the consulate residence. From left, Mr. Korenaga, myself, Ms. Yoro, His Excellency Hatano, Mr. Saito, Mr. Nomura

25% of Japan’s petroleum imports are from Abu Dhabi.  On the other hand, there is a future urban development plan called MASDAR over here which in the long run does not emit CO2 by using clean energy. It is incorporated very ambitiously.  This ambitious project was also reffered to in the speech.

※A copy of the speech
"Planet in Peril: Nation with Clear Vision as a New Global Leader of Sustainable Urban Development, Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates"

The following day, I gave another speech which was slightly different and referred to the recent ambitious project "Enpark."

I arrived at Narita at night on the 6th.