From Pacific Science Association (PSA), Okinawa


Pacific Science Association(PSA) is an association established in 1920 having 80 years of history.  It is an association involving various scientific fields in the geographically wide area of Pacific.  Congress is held once in 4 years and InterCongress Conference is also held during that period.  It is an assembly including not only the natural science experts but also many from social science.

The Congress was held in Okinawa during 13th June~18th June.  Last time it was in Bangkok and there I was elected as chairman of the next Okinawa congress.  Therefore, I have the background of helping them during these 4 years.  However, it was not possible without the support of various people like President Morita of Ryukyu University, Dean Tsuchiya of the Science department, members of Okinawa university union, and Science Council of Japan, that we finally reached to the point of opening this gathering.  Thanks to their assistance we could also organize a 3 days joint meeting with Asia Science Council which was very good.  This Congress is growing to a fantastic meeting as His Royal Highness Akishino no Miya delivered a lecture and the chairperson of IPCC, Dr. Pachauri who is recently known world wide for his work on the climate change participated in the meeting.  I met Dr. Pachauri at various places and he has been invited for about 3 times in these few years for the meetings related to Science Council of Japan.

Her Royal Highness, Takamado no Miya also participated in the 3 days PSA congress where she addressed an opening ceremony with fluent ‘British English’ (She is a graduate of Cambridge university) (Photo1).  Her Royal Highness is also an honorary president of BirdLife International and has deep knowledge on wide fields. I heard that her Keynote Lecture at the Biodiversity session held on 15th was very impressive. Unfortunately, the lecture was given after I had left Okinawa, so I could not attend it in person.  At reception after the opening ceremony, this openhearted person was surrounded by many participants to talk about vast fields related to nature and life (Photo2).

Psa3_2Photo1: Her Royal Highness, Takamado no Miya addressing an opening ceremony. Dr. Doi, vice chairman of Science Council of Japan at my right.

Psa7Photo2: At reception of opening ceremony. From right, Her Royal Highness, Dr Shigeru Omi, Director of West Pacific Bureau of WHO, myself, Prof. Calestous Juma of Harvard university.

Board meeting of PSA and council meeting was held on 12th.  New directors were decided peacefully and next InterCongress Conference, 2009 was scheduled to be held in March at Tahiti of French Polynesia.  The Minister of Education of French Polynesia was also present at InterCongress Conference (Photo3). I had reunions with many friends and also participated in ‘Science Policy’ panel co-cosponsored by United Nations Institute of Advanced Studies (Photo4).

Vancouverpsaslovenia007Photo3: French Polynesia, Minister of Education and its group. 3rd from left is Minister of education, 1st is Mr. Burke Burnett of PSA Bureau, On my right is Ms. Nancy Lewis, Director of PSA Bureau.

Vancouverpsaslovenia009_2Photo4: Me just before leaving from Okinawa and my friends. From left, Mr. Rao of Science and Technology Department, India, Mr. Hassan, Director of Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS), Mr. Zakri, Director of United Nations Institute of Advanced Studies, myself, Prof. Juma of Kennedy School of Harvard university and Dr. Cassim, President of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University.

Regretfully, I left the meeting in between on 14th afternoon and took flight from Okinawa to attend G8 science advisor meeting to be held at Slovenia.