MIT Media Lab in Tokyo 2013


I wrote about it last year as well, but MIT Media Lab in Tokyo was held for two days this year in January again. Towards the end of the first day, I was one of the three panel members along with Media Lab’s director Mr. Joi Ito and SONY’s former chairman, Mr. Idei.

On the list of 14 speakers stood out Director Ito, Co-Director Ishii (the fact that there were no women was bit of a problem-a big issue that has to be reflected on) and also coincidentally, Mr. Idei and other SONY-affiliated people (Kenichiro Mogi, Hiroaki Kitano, Ken Endo, Shunichi Kasahara). 6 were from MIT Media Lab and IDEO joined from overseas.

On the second day, at the “Unconference” there were various parallel sessions. Ingenuity was exercised here and there.

The two days have been pretty fun. I’m guessing a lot of the participants were inspired by each other.