Awarded the Tokyo American Club: Distinguished Achievement Award


Last December I was notified that I would be receiving the Distinguished Achievement Award from the Tokyo American Club (TAC). I was interviewed by the TAC’s monthly magazine, “iNTOUCH,” for their article introducing me.

I have visited and given talks at the TAC a number of times and was happy to receive the award.

The January issue of “iNTOUCH” is out now. If you have visited TAC, you will have seen many copies of “iNTOUCH” with my picture on the cover and the article with the title “The Protruding Nail.” (PDF)

The interview (PDF) tells my story, highlighting the impact that the first words of my professor in the United States had on me, and covering my subsequent career and lifestyle, my work after returning to Japan, and the recent Fukushima nuclear accident. I would be happy if you read it.

It is true that I have quite an unusual career. Some old pictures of fond memories are included in the article.