A New Year’s Conversation and an Invitation to Two Events


I would like to wish all my readers a Happy New Year, although we are already deep into the new year, but please bear with me.

Parliamentary power lies with the Abe administration for a second time. Many committees have been newly set up, and each Government Ministry is surely running at full steam, oblivious to the New Year’s holidays in order to come up with supplementary and revised budgets.

As for myself, I too have kept myself somewhat busy.

I have added here a link to my ‘New Year’s Conversation’ with Chief Representative of the Komeito, Mr. Yamaguchi. This conversation was carried on the New Year’s issue of the Komei Newspaper, and although short, I think it is familiar to those who have been visiting my blog after the ‘Fukushima Commission’.

I would also like to invite my readers to participate in two events.

1) First is an event organized by AGOS in Shibuya, Tokyo on the 14th of January that starts at 2p.m where I have been invited to talk. AGOS is a company that supports students who want to study abroad. I will try my best to adopt a discussion approach, so feel free to drop by!

AGOS is an organization supporting studies abroad and is headed by Mr. Yokoyama, who is an alumni of UCLA. Having studied there as an undergraduate, he went on to become the head manager for the college basketball team, a post made famous by the legend John Wooden. His post was a first for any Asian, let alone any Japanese person. Apart from his activities at AGOS, he is also a generous supporter of the H-LAB program, which as you may know makes frequent appearances on this blog.

2) On the 29th of January, starting from 7pm, this time held in Marunouchi, Tokyo, we will begin a series of seminars in the run-up to the TICAD 5 event that will be held in June at Yokohama. The first of the series is ‘Keys to Economic Growth in Africa: Global Health’, and the panel is moderated by Ken Shibusawa of JCIE , with two panelists Mr Sato of Africa Business Partner (in Japanese) and me from the Health and Global Policy Institute(HGPI). I would like to call upon those who are interested in African Development, and even those who are just curious, to take part. Incidentally, I myself have been to Nairobi (1,2) recently, in October.

Today in the morning, the HGPI held a special breakfast meeting to listen to Mr. Jay Singh’s talk. It will be heartening to see the cooperation of Japanese companies and ODA of USA in the near future.

Turns out to have been a busy start to the year.