New Research Graduate School in Okinawa


I have previously introduced in this blog, OIST, (Ref. 1, 2) a research institute which was established in Okinawa and is designed to take on the challenges of the new global world. 

The plan is to make this research institute into a full-fledged graduate school, and I am part of the group which is responsible for making this happen.  In a previous column, I talked about sitting in on a board of governor’s meeting via teleconference from Kuala Lumpur, but unfortunately was unable to fully participate due to a bad connection.

This board of governors did, however, succeed in moving this project a further step ahead.

The possibility of becoming a groundbreaking graduate school has catch the attention of the world at large with many questioning whether something like this on this scale is really happening in Japan.  Two articles have been published in Nature entitled “Okinawa goes Recruiting” and “Made in Japan” in the wake of the executive committee meeting. I look forward to more of these types of articles appearing in the future.

It has been a long hard journey to get this far.  I would like to offer my sincere and heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in this endeavor including Drs. Sydney Brenner, Jonathan Dorfan and Torsent Wiesel, and all other preeminent supporters and organizations representing a variety of fields from around the world, and within Japan.

The real challenges lie ahead of us.  We will need the help and support of everyone to ensure that scientists around the world recognize OIST as a graduate research facility in an opening and welcoming Japan.  In many ways, I think that intentions of Japan as a country and the confidence of researchers are intertwined. 

I am extremely pleased with the progress that is being made and I humbly ask everyone here and of the world for their support.