The Risk Response Network of WEF: The World Is Paying Attention to Japan’s Responses


The World Economic Forum (‘Davos’ Meeting), recognizing enhancing mutual dependence of the global world, have launched ‘Risk Response Network (RRN)’ (Ref.1),  where the danger of expansion of various risks in the world is discussed so as to structure the system of addressing to those risks and responses to them.

I have bee participating in the processes, but this ‘3.11’ quakes, tsunamis, and the nuclear power plant crisis of Japan was precisely one of huge disasters we had been discussing about over the last few years

WEF-RRH meeting was held in New York in April, and then, on May 18th, a Workshop focusing especially on this mega disaster in Japan was held in Tokyo.

Many people gathered, and Mr Edano, the Chief Cabinet Secretary, among others, came to deliver a message. Summaries and references are available on web sites (Ref.1, 2, 3) (Ref.3 is in Japanese).

A summary by Kevin Steinberg, the COO of RRN, is also posted on the web site of WEF.

Besides participating in the open sessions, I have been involved in many discussions, interviews with key persons for these 3 days.

How Japanese government respond to this disaster is being watched by the whole world.