The Fragiligy of Japanese Elites, How to Make Leaders


The whole world was watching Japan, holding breath, ever since after the 3.11.  I have been sending out series of hard comments in my blog (Ref.1,2), too.

Although what I have been saying was nothing new,  I have been saying the same things (in Japanese)for a long time, it seems that the management of the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster by Japanese authorities made my points – the weakness of Japan ? becoming clear to the world.

The world media do not seem to report anything about Japan recently except for the nuclear power plant issue, though..…

The conduct of Japanese scientists also ruined the credibility of this nation.  Speaking in Japanese (not English) did not prevent the audience of the world to understand what are said and written.  My overall impression however, is that the comments by the Japanese scientists, especially on the nuclear power plants, were too vague and incomprehensible.  I know there are tons of reasons for this, but still, I have to say..….

In the morning edition of Nikkei Newspaper of May 9th, my comments (in Japanese) appear.  I would appreciate it if you could read this and think a little about it.  People are sending me many e-mails and messages on this article.

Here is another article (in Japanese) on Nikkei Newspaper quoting my comments, which was published a bit earlier.