TED -4; Great Technologies Used in Google Car and Other New Devices


I knew that Google succeeded in creating a driverless safe car.  The story of its development was presented at this year’s TED (4 minutes).  The car ran between San Francisco – Los Angeles, so it seems.

It happens that two of those cars were demonstrated at the TED venue.  Of course, I signed up for the test ride.  The car ran with the high speed of 50-60 Km/h around the narrow course set up at the venue.  Here are the video of the test run (Ref.1). Both of the cars were Toyota Prius by the way.

Another speech was about a graffiti artist affected by ALS and his friends.  ALS is a disease that causes muscle weakness and degeneration of functions – known also as the disease which Lou Gehrig, the famous American Major League Baseball first baseman had.  It was a story about a project which, by combining cheap mechanical components, created a system that made possible for the artist to continue his work.

Stories of amazing application of technologies..