TED- 3: Virtual Choir and the Words of the Poet


I posted several columns on speeches at TED.  Here are some more.  Virtual Choir and the Words of the Poet ? these were also the speeches which people liked.

How the speech was evaluated is very easily known by the percentage of the audience for Standing Ovation.  It is quite clear.

One of such good speeches was ‘Virtual Choir’. Enthusiasm gradually heated up as the speech went on and in the end there was the feeling of ‘What is this!?’ or ‘Wow!’.  It was a wonderful collaboration only made possible by today’s technology.

It is very nice and I am sure that you will enjoy it.

The second one I would like to introduce to you is a poem by a young poet, Sarah Key. Her second poem was titled “Hiroshima”.  I was slightly surprised.  At the reception, I asked and learned that she was a half Japanese.  Ms Key is a very charming poet.