Starting With Whatever ‘Energy Saving’ Possible by Yourself; Invitation to a New Movement


It goes without saying that energy issue is a top priority to society as a whole.   This was made perfectly clear after the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster and the following electricity supply shortage as well as the planned electric outage.  It is more important to save energy than building more nuclear power plants.

After the disaster, people are sending out all sorts of information, ideas, people’s wisdoms, or suggestions from engineers not only through the conventional media or publications, but also through new means such as Facebook or blogs.  The point is that the society which traditionally used to operate according to the supplier’s reasoning (electricity is apparently part of this), had, along with the challenges of CO2 and climate change issues or the skyrocketing oil price, transformed into a society more based on the flat, open, consumer driven demands and choices.  This is where we need to think hard about.

There are many, simple, practical ideas that are useful at current situation and can be done by yourself.  I found one of such good ideas being introduced in Seichiro Yonekur’s FB.  It is an idea of Hidefumi Nishiga.
 “At your house, if your current electricity contract is over 30A, the first step to energy saving is having it reset to 30A.  This will limit your highest electricity consumption to 30A.  Check the switchboard of your house, and if it is 40A, 50A, or 60A, call the electric company and ask them to have it changed to 30A.

Let us all together start 30A contract innovation!

Background and expected effects;   30A is enough to supply electricity to a household with one air conditioner installed at the living room (our house).  If a household that uses more than 40A at the peak time switches to max. 30A, they will try not to let the breakers go off.  If one million households had their electricity reduced by 10A or 1kW, they will save energy equivalent to one nuclear power plant.”

Having the switching done, then we could go on to figure out ways to use electricity efficiently.

It is important to take actions however small they may seem.  As you know, we have universal proverbs which we share in all nations, such as “Many a little makes a mickle”, “Perseverance brings success”.

Energy Saving is a global issue, so good ideas or options may be applied anywhere in the world.  I think we should post or search for good ideas in English (at least half of them).  Actually, there are many good ideas already being applied in many countries, cities, or societies.  It is also good to learn about the energy saving policies already being put into practice.  Today, it is possible for each of us to connect to the world to exchange ideas.  Such networks have potentials to move our society or even the world.  We might even create App in Japanese or English.

Changes taking place in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Syria, or Libya for these 4 months is a good chance for changing Japan.  We must not miss this opportunity.
Start with checking your electricity switchboard of your house.