‘Sunrise 2011’ Drue Kataoka


Much supports, aids, donations are coming from all over the world for the East Japan Natural Disaster ‘3.11’.

Drue Kataoka is a spirited artist known world wide by her works on philosophy and traditional Japanese Sumi-e (an Indian ink picture).  She participated in TEDxTokyo in 2009.  She was also invited to the Davos meeting for this year.  Her father is a Japanese.

Ms. Kataoka set up ‘Sunrise 2011’ for this great disaster.  I received a request from her by e-mail to send her a photo of my face with the sun as the background.

I sent her the photo, of course, but since she wants to collect as many photos as possible for ‘Sunrise 2011’, I will transfer her message to you, too.

Let us collaborate with the people of the world, and together create the new Japan!