This Year’s Employment and ‘Naitei Torikeshi (Cancellation of Job Offering)’


The status of employment is still very bad in Japan.  I feel sorry for the youth.  Their future is being inhibited.  I think a large number of young people were deprived of opportunities during the past 20 years in Japan.  Why must one need to be a new graduate in order to apply for a job?

Risa Mamiya, a private university student in her junior year, wrote a book ‘Naitei Torikeshi (Cancellation of Job Offer)’ that recounts her experience job-hunting. Her activities turned out to be a battle with the enterprises.  Having read this, I felt it hard to believe, but who would take trouble to make up stories on such matters?  Of course, she writes a blog, too. (in Japanese)  By all means, please take a look.  Unimaginable things do happen in this world.

However, is there any guarantee that the current permanent employment system will continue?  Will there still be severance packages in 30 or 40 years from now?

So, how could you enhance your value in society?  What is the mission of higher education?  Will universities change?  Will enterprises change their ways?

What will the future of Japan be like?  If you look broadly at the current situation of the world, I think you will be able to see many more of things.
Just yesterday, I had a meeting with a board member in charge of the Japan and Asia regions at a new company (which was founded 10 years ago in the U.S., but from the start, this company has worked on the premise of going global). This company is now recruiting employees, and the two people they hired recently seemed to be very capable. Had I been a human resource worker, I too would have interviewed them at once.  However, they had failed to get jobs in Japanese companies (of recognition, and I was told that one of the two was declined by all 16 companies which he/she applied to…), so they were introduced to this company for  an interview, and the human resource decided on the spot to take them.  Those two people had a high potential to actively work from the beginning not only in Japan but also in Asia or any other parts of the world.

 I wonder why they failed to get a position at top Japanese companies.  This is the question.  What criteria do human resources in Japanese companies apply in evaluating their applicants? What kind of people are they looking for?

As I have introduced to you before,  Pasona co. launched a program to support new graduates who could not get jobs.  I think this is wonderful.  Such companies will get the support and trust from society.

So, then, what can the youth do?  I think there are many things that can be done or should be done.  Think about it.

One would be going abroad for study/overseas experience…. It’s the ‘Kyugaku no Susume (Recommendation on Taking a Leave of Absence from School)’.