Keio SFC Class; The Last Lecture, The Best Panel


The last class of this semester at my Keio SFC class ended.

What we did in the last two classes was peer-reviewed the essays which students submitted at the end of last year, announced the result of the evaluation, and had a panel discussion.

The theme of the essays was: “How I want to be in 10 years, and what I will be doing in 2 years from now to make this happen”.

The top 6 students who gained the highest scores in the peer review participated in the panel.  They were truly the cream of the crop.  Dr. William Saito, who gave a lecture at our 2nd class, hosted the panel.  I am grateful that this class was supported by many guests who so much inspired the students by speaking about their own walks of life.  So, it seemed to me, that this panel was the most interesting class in our whole course as it reflected on the effects of the lectures given.  The class and panel consisted of a mix of all classes ? from freshman to senior.  Despite their age, don’t you think that they did great?

In the last two sessions, Mr. Shikano (in Japanese) participated also.  He is a student at the graduate school of Tokyo Institute of Technology, had spent about 2 years at MIT, which turned out be a very exciting experience, and came back just recently.  He volunteered to steer twitter during this class, and thanks to him the twitter was very active. Mr. Shikano had been participating in my class since he was in Boston.

He kindly took photos of the class, too.

Thanks to Mr. Miyairi and Ms. Endo for helping us as TA and SA.  Last but not the least, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of the guest speakers for sparing their valuable time for us.

It was a great semester.  I enjoyed it so much.