AIESEC Training Camp


Videos of Opening and Closing Session



This is another posting on AIESEC, an organization that supports international internship s which I wrote about once before.

I was invited to give a speech at their training camp in late December at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center in Yoyogi.  Over the course of a few days, about 150 people participated.  Supporters from industries included Works Applications; (this is an amazing company, I went to see Mr. Masayuki Makino (Ref.1), the CEO, the other day with Mr. Matsuda of LFA several days before.  I will write more about it in another column.), Tanaka Precious Metals Group; (the price of gold is likely to keep rising), and GRAPH (this is a fun company, too.)

Everybody was in high spirits.  During the speech I tried to make the audience feel free to ask questions and I think it helped because people asled question after question, so much so that the 80 minute session of Q&A flashed by.  After the Q&A, the audience divided into 3 groups and continued the discussion with the 3 guests from the companies mentioned above.

From the start of the New Year, I will be helping AIESEC begin a project to spread their activities to the world.  This year, about 300 people went abroad for training and about 60 people came to Japan.  I must say that this is a complete mismatch.  Although they expect to increase the number to 400 for the people going abroad and to 100 for the people coming here, this is still far from enough.

I am looking forward to helping AIESEC increase its reach, as well as increasing the total number of exchanges for the year 2011.