The 100th Anniversary of the Swedish Hospital in the beautiful City of Seattle


Recently, I have posted a series of reports from Seattle. The distinguished Swedish Medical Center (SMC), one of the oldest organizations in Northwestern America, invited me to participate in their 100th Anniversary celebratory Symposium (Ref.1)at the Bell Harbor Conference Center.  Since I have been interested in their activities for quite some time and the proposed program was quite impressive, I thought this was a good opportunity to experience SMC first hand. The overall theme was local health care systems, particularly in the Northwest regions of America. Experts in various fields joined to speak about their experiences so that they might apply their findings to the ailing American health care system.

The Symposium opened with these videos (Ref.1). I had the pleasure of being seated at the same table as Ms. Lisa Cohen, the Executive Director of the Washington Global Health Alliance and who appeared in the latter video. We spoke and found we had several friends in common. I enjoyed our conversation immensely and discovered that apparently she began her career as a journalist.  

Each person was wonderful in his or her own way. Aside from those in my field of medicine and health care, I was particularly impressed by Mr. Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric. There were also two congressmen from Seattle who appeared in the panels, Dr. Jim McDermott (Ref.1,2) and Mr. Jay Inslee(Ref.1). Their speeches were very inspiring and innovative.

I found the lectures so intriguing that I ask the organizers of the Symposium to let me know when the rest of the lectures are available on the web.  I would very much like to share them with my friends and the visitors of my web site.   The photos from the Symposium is uploaded on the web already.

There were many debates and conversations had throughout the Symposium, and though there were many things discussed, there were twelve ideas that seemed to be more or less ubiquitously agreed upon. 

Because the Symposium was located along the waterfront of downtown Seattle, I was able to take short walks between sessions. Luckily, the weather was bright and sunny. I enjoyed the views of the Puget Sound, and of the Olympic Mountains. I also stopped by the original Starbucks in Pikes Place Market. I also stopped in at the Seattle Aquarium and saw a variety of fish (I happen to quite like aquariums).  Also, as reported in my previous postings, I met several Japanese students (Ref.1,2) who took leave of absence from school and are currently studying in Seattle. Over the course of two evenings we had a wonderful time together during dinner.   In closing, I found Seattle a beautiful and tranquil city.