“‘Recommendation to Take Leave of Absence from School’, Seeing Students….”, A Follow Up from Seattle


In my last posting, I have reported to you about seeing and having dinner with three Japanese students in Seattle.

Two of them posted columns about our dinner on their blogs.  They even had photos uploaded.

I will introduce to you their blogs here for you to take a look; Ms. Tomo and Mr. Miyamoto  (both blogs are in Japanese).

I could see from the students’ comments  (in Japanese) that Japanese universities, probably because of lack of experience, are having a bit of difficult time trying to organize the procedures for student’s taking leave of absences.  However, if more students go on to file in the applications, I think university administrations will eventually learn to handle them more efficiently.

By the way, it seems that quite many private universities charge considerable amount of tuitions even while the students are on leave.  This is stupid.  Universities are halls of education more than anything else.  I strongly wish such weird thing as putting the cart before the horse to be stopped.

The objective of education is, after all, to encourage the youths to seek their potentials, and to support their future.  It is a pleasure and a vitalizing experience for me to read the writings of the students who are currently on leave of absence, as those whom I have introduced to you today.