Toyota Problems; Are They Unique to Toyota?


Recalls of Toyota cars spread and accelerated its speed in late January.  This is such a regretfully serious problem not only for Toyota but Japan as a nation because the corporate ‘Toyota’  is an iconic company which represents Japanese technology and quality of manufacturing, a company which represents Japan to the world and is deeply trusted by the world.

To be frank with you, I would rather refrain from commenting further on the Toyota problems since I have brought them up in my web-site twice already (Ref.1).  I think the problem is deeply rooted and can be identified in any Japanese mega corporate; and in their background you will find characteristics such as ‘Tate Shakai (Hierarchical Society)’, ‘Male chauvinistic society’, ‘Seniority-based promotions’, ‘Difficulty in sliding sideways (difficulty in changing job)’, ‘Permanent employment and big severance package’, or ‘Monozukuri shinko (Faith in manufacturing)’ ? elements which reflect traditional Japanese ‘Common Sense’.

The Economist magazine points this out in its most recent issue Ref.1) .  It is the same as what I repeatedly point out ? the wrong responses of Japan (which are commonly seen in many cases) to this flattening global society.

Not only Toyota but many other big companies embrace the same problems which you see as illustrated in this Economist article.

I urge people in business sector to buckle up, too.  Political leadership faces big issues, but business sector clearly needs a drastic reform as well.  It might be a beginning of 'The Third Lost Decade', I fear.  I don’t think we have much time left for CHANGE.