From Botswana


Photos from Botswana are at;

Here I am in Botswana at last. 

I arrived at Gabarone, the capital of Botswana, precisely after 24 hours' flight from Narita via Hong Kong and Johannesburg.  The weather is beautiful.  Hot but dry.  I directly checked in to Walmont.

In the afternoon, I visited people from BEDIA and Botswana Innovation Hub to discuss and exchange views on Botswana’s Science, Technology and Innovation policy.  Our discussion turned out to be very heated and enthusiastic.

The challenge is how to draft mid to long term strategic policies for the nation’s growth with recognition of strength, advantages, and weaknesses of Botswana taking into account today’s trend of shifting to a flattening and interconnected world.  What are the major strength and advantage of Botswana?  And what are its weak points?

On the other hand, hearings of Toyota are in progress at U.S. Congress today and on television broadcastings.  It is reported as a very big news in US and elsewhere.  I suppose it is so in Japan, too.