Efforts to understand ‘Japan as seen from outside’


                                                                 Recently, I have posted two columns (Ref.1, 2) on ‘Japan as seen from outside’ which I have written in rather a straightforward style.  Via internet, I could see a number of people agreed and approved of my views.
                                                                          So what can we do about it?  I suggested a small example.  It appears as an interview article (English translation of article written in Japanese) in a monthly magazine‘GOETHE’ .

We all know that CNN and BBC are not the only global television networks, and we understand that The Economist (about 440,000 circulations) has a large number of subscribers, but I believe that we should utilize Internet more.
                                                                           An interview article of Mr. Kensuke Watanabe (Ken Watanabe) (English translation of article written in Japanese) appears on the left part of the page of my article, so I uploaded the whole two pages for your interest.  Just taking a look at his biography will convince you how wonderful his background is, but his activities are also impressive.  He published a charming problem solving book for children ‘Sekai ichi yasashii mondaikaiketsu no jyugyo – jibun de kangae kodoh suru chikara ga mini tsuku’ (The easiest course on problem solving in the world ? lessons on how to think and act by yourself) (Translations in English and other languages are available ) and not only that – he is actually practicing what he writes in his book.  Mr. Watanabe is a good example of those wonderful young people that I meet once in a while and try to support as much as I could as appropriate.  Dr. Yohei Sasagawa also introduces a moving story on Mr. Watanabe in his blog (in Japanese).  Mr. Sasagawa himself is working very hard in the field of Global Health.
                                                                          Sometimes, you find truly wonderful young people in Japan who will be making the future of this nation.