Communication with students, a new friend through blogs, an encounter from the past


It is always a pleasure to see and talk with students.  The day after my return from Paris, October 4th, I went to Osaka.                                                                                                                                               

Professor Kurachi,  an old friend of mine and director of the Division of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology at Osaka University, took initiatives in organizing annual forum for students from 5 universities in Osaka and invited me as a speaker this year.  Core message of my talk was almost the same as what I write in my blog, and I enjoyed greatly talking with the students at the reception afterwards.
It is always my impression, as I point out in every occasion, that female students are more lively and active. (Ref.1, 2) Male students standing around wouldn't easily respond even if I urged them to come and join in the conversation.  There was one very outgoing male student however, and he apparently had a concrete vision on what he want to do.  Why?  Answer to this question is again the ‘3 speeches’, especially the ‘Last Lecture’ by Randy Pausch and in this case not the speech by Steve Jobs.
                                                                                                                                                                          I also had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Inoue at the reception.  She had written in her blog that she was looking forward to coming to my lecture.  This kind of unexpected encounter is another example of the power of sending out messages in this ‘flattening’world.  You experience connecting to people in an unimaginable way.
                                                                                 On 5th, I went to a session of STS Forum in Kyoto with ‘Young Scientists’.  This was also something very nice.  I will post a separate column on this later.
                                                                          On 9th, I went to Mie University to give a lecture at its 60th anniversary.  My message was focused mainly to the students, but the President and professors seem to have enjoyed it as well.  There were also guests from Thai and Spain to congratulate the occasion.  Students entertained audience by their brass band performance (I learned that this band is well known as a topclass among Japan college bands), chorus, and dance.  Some students came up to me with my book in their hand and asked for my autograph.  This made me very happy.
                                                                                                                                                                                     I met a lady in the eaudience who once had visited my house in Los Angeles when she was an elementary school student.   I vaguely remembered her, but a memory came up more clearly after some time.  Time flies so quickly.

                                                                                                                                                                          I sincerely wish that each student grasp their bright future.  ‘Go out and see the world, make lots of friends in this wide world ? this is the way things should be in this global age’; this was my core message. My message remains the same anywhere, anytime.  Universities must open up their doors to the world.  They should also mind their great responsibility in educating and nurturing young students because our future is in their hands.  I made several suggestions on what they can do.

Now, a year later, what will be happening here?  I will be expecting a lot from every and each one of you!