My favorite brand COED beer


As in the saying "a grain of pepper may be tiny but it still is sharp on the tongue," COEDO Beer is a "tiny but sharp" and stunningly "cool" brand.

COED means "little Edo."  Yes, it’s Kawagoe in Saitama prefecture.  COED beer is manufactured in Kawagoe.

Take their website for instance – you will be impressed by its classy design.  A soothing, slow flow of time is in the atmosphere.  Good English site is available.  So sit back, relax and enjoy for a moment.

The beer comes in 5 types, 5 colors.  "Ruri," "Beniaka," "Kyara," "Shiro," and "Shikkoku."

Each beer is different in tastes, colors, and has beautiful labels.  You can almost feel in the air their posing you a question "Which one is your favorite?"  The choice may differ depending on time and situation.

COEDO beer has a wonderful record of prizes.  It is almost moving.  From the very beginning the brewery focused on being recognized internationally.  So, at the 2007 Monde Selection all  5 brands won awards including 2 special golden medals.  Products winning silver medals in 2008 challenged again. The total now is Special Gold Medals for "Ruri," "Beniaka," "Shikkoku" and Gold Medals for "Kyara" and "Shiro."  Have you ever heard of beers with such achievements before?   If yes, please let me know.

This year at one of the most prestigious food contest "iTQi (International Taste and Quality Institute) Contest", "Beniaka" was given the highest 3 stars award, and the other four brands won 2 stars meaning that all five brands became winners.  On top of that, a Crystal Award.  Package design and bottle design were also awarded prizes respectively.

The key to victory is "difference."  A brand strategy that focuses on a selected target.  This is a typical example of innovation in global age.

President Asagiri of COEDO brewery, and all who work there – I congratulate you for this another success of 2008.  It is so very wonderful.