ACP Japan Chapter


This institution is quite unique.  Why does American College of Physicians (ACP) have Japan Chapter?  This is exactly the point.  Please refer to my "Message from the Governor" (in Japanese) at the start of Japan Chapter and my blog (in Japanese) for explanations.  Ever since its foundation, we organized annual meetings (reports in Japanese) with the presence of the President from the headquarters.  The first meeting was held in April, 2004.  I have been involved since the beginning, and am scheduled to serve as Governor for another year.

The annual meeting of ACP-Japan Chapter is different from other domestic meetings in that participants do not care much about his/her position/hierarchy.  I hear this especially from young people, i.e. medical students and residents.  Here are some of the scence from the meeting for you to enjoy.  I posted a report on annual meeting of last year in my blog also.

This year’s annual meeting was, like others, held in Tokyo in April with support from The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine.  Many enthusiastic discussions took place on topics such as activities of female doctors, case studies, etc. This conference lets us feel high spirits, particularly of young generation.

Two weeks after Japan meeting, the annual meeting of ACP headquarters was held at Philadelphia, and many Japanese members participated in spite of their tight schedule.

A report on series of activities of ACP-Japan Chapter is now uploaded on its web site (in Japanese).  Anyone interested are cordially invited to have a look and learn about their activities or browse through messages from the members as well as various photos.