Tahiti (Ref.1) is a place anyone would dream of visiting once in a lifetime, it’s image is a beautiful resort far off in the Pacific Ocean.  Bora Bora Island in the Tahiti island chain is especially a popular destination for honeymooners.

This is a follow up of my last blog and I feel very lucky to have an opportunity to come to this place as an attendee of Pacific Science Association, a distinguished academic conference that has a history of 90 years.

Since I may not have so many chances to come back, it would be a waste if I didn’t enjoy the nature at least a little, like swimming in the coral sea or canoeing.

So, I made some time to drive around the Tahiti Island. I also drove to the foot of Mont Orohena (2,241m) stands high in the center of the island.  Further in the heart of the mountain, there is a hotel called Le Relais de la Maroto Mountain Hotel and "marae" which is a sacred place for the local people where they do open air rituals for the local god (Ref.1).

I also went to the Gauguin museum (although I wasn’t able to go inside), enjoyed canoeing, and snorkeling in a small island far off.

Dr. Ichida said that there are not so many butterflies or birds here and the species are few.

But the blue sea, blue sky, white sand and green trees are fantastic and I recommend you to come here by all means.

I have uploaded some photos in Picasa for you to enjoy.