Stagnant Healthcare Reform and Tragedies Continue.


Recent tragedies in ER and Obstatric cares further raised a greater public attention and after so many years, the government of Japan finally proposes to increase the quota of medical students to fill the need.  But this increase requires many years to deliver medical doctors, thus addresses only one aspect of the problem.

The system of medical care is another critical issue which demands a major reform, and such policies have been introduced a few years ago.  But actual implementation has been very, very slow and has been seen only in a very limited number of municipalities.  Many tragedies continue to occur and we have little time to spare.

A recent report in the Japan Times, quoting my thoughts, addresses this issue as in my recent Op-Ed in Asahi News in Japanese.

The public needs to get more involved in the policy-making and decision-making processes in a transparent and democratic manner, and this is what our Heath Policy Institute tries to promote.