Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize, our story to tell


Dr. Hideyo Noguchi is one of the most known medical doctor and heroe of modern time Japan. But he is not known in the rest of the world though you can see his bust in the library of Rockefeller University, where he worked from its establishment in 1904, and made this new research institution known to the world in early 20 century. You also see him printed in Japanese 1,000 Yen note.

This May, Japanese government inaugurated Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize and two laureates, Dr. Brian Greenwood of UK and Miriam Were of Kenya, were awarded the prize at the first evening, May 28th, 2008, of the 4th Tokyo International Conference of African Development as you may see I earlier columns of my blog.

Now our story appears in print. We hope you enjoy reading more or less a full story of the prize and share the spirit of Dr. Noguchi with your friends in and of Africa and throughout the world.