Heat-Pump, a highly effective energy efficient ‘cool’ technology

Heat-pump extracts heat from ambient air and deliver several-filds more energy, to generate heating/cooling, thus serves one of core technologies of energy efficiency and savings.  Indeed, the majority of currently available products utilizing this technology are made by Japanese companies, but their efforts for global visibility and marketing have not been vigorous enough to capture, to a significant magnitude, the global marketplace where the technology is most and badly needed.

We recently campaigned on behalf of the Tokyo Electric Company for its heat-pump products, with two prominent academics, Professor Komiyama, President of the University of Tokyo and Professor Kato, among other prominent posts, Dean of Keio University, President of Chiba College of Commerce.  One of such activities which appeared in Nikkei, a major newspaper among the Japanese business establishment, as noted in this website in Japanese.  This advertisement in English has also appeared in the Wall Street Journal and in its Asian version per attached.