Thoughts at Lake Toya


A little while ago, "Informal talk on global warming issue" was held at The Windsor Hotel at Toyako on Friday, April 5th, where G8 summit will be held in this July.  The Prime Minister, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry and Minister of the Environment participated.  The chairperson was Mr. Okuda from Toyota.  I arrived late at night on the previous day.  Next day the weather was nice.  The view of Toya Lake from the hotel was excellent.

What would be the number of hotels around the Toya Lake and how about its quality?  How many people would be present including the attendants and the press people?  Recently, in international meetings like G8, not only the people related to the government but also people related to NGOs participate in large numbers.  Though the participation patterns are different, it is not like guerrilla style.  If such a large number of participants are expected, will Sapporo be used for lodging?  It may be somewhat inconvenient isn’t it?  Not only G8, but heads of other countries including G5 will also participate.  The President of the People’s Republic of China, Hu Jintao, who is visiting Japan now will of course participate.  Moreover, there will be a large number of people in secret service etc..

Is the security of the meeting place and surroundings good?  The approach to the hotel is only one though ・・・.  Of course both police and self defense forces are working together hard and repeating simulation, but since the head of many countries will be participating, it’s easy to assume each country is collaborating with Japan on one side and on the other hand they work out their own security separately.  It is unthinkable to rely complete security and safety of the chief of the state completely on the host country.