Visit of Minister of Higher Education and Research of France


On  April 10th, Fillon, Prime Minister of France and Ms. Valerie Pecresse, Minister of Higher Education and Research arrived to Japan, and Ms. Valerie Pecresse visited me on April 11th in the morning.  I met her in June and December last year.  She has studied Japanese when she was a student, and has worked about two times in Japan previously.  She entered the room and suddenly asked "How are you, Kiyoshi-san ?"  in Japanese.

The focus of the discussion was the G8 Meeting of Ministers of Science that is going to be held this year in June in Okinawa before G8 Toyako summit and the discussion about scientific policy and higher education policy.  France is in the midst of major reformation of universities and national research institutes and is struggling hard with the demonstrations of students and people related to the universities(on the other hand, it seems that the Japanese do not have energy to demonstrate).  Her activities are wonderful considering that she is still 40 and upbringing two children.

Minissterpecress02Photograph 1 With the Minister Ms. Pecresse

In the evening, I attended the welcome party organized by the Prime Minister Fillon at the France Embassy.  Danjyurou (a Kabuki actor) greeted in fluent French language and he showed the performance of "NIRAMI"(Kabuki movement of driving away bad vibes) and "GANRIKI"(Kabuki’s strong expression of eyes).  After the welcome speech of Prime Minister Fillon, I went to Swiss ambassador’s residence to attend "Thank you" reception of Davos Forum held this year.  After that, went for dinner with the Professor Dr.and Mrs. Dale (Chairman of ACP, American College of Physicians).