To Singapore, Paris and Cassis


Departed for Singapore on 24th afternoon.  Checked-in at the hotel around midnight.  On 25th, there was a board of directors meeting of A*STAR.  We moved crisply with the busy proceedings and discussions as usual, and visited newly established immunity laboratory in the evening.  As Japan is strong in this field, I think that it is a good place for a young researcher to become independent.  Also, I had a talk on the phone with Prof. Ito from Kyoto University virus laboratory who is working here.

Within 24 hours after arriving to Singapore, I left for Paris on 25th late at night.  After relaxing the whole day, in the evening, I had been invited along with Dr. Mario Tokoro, president of SONY Computer Science Laboratory  and Dr. Kitano from the French friends residing in Paris.  So we five had dinner at the exclusive members club situated between Japanese embassy and British embassy at St. Honore.  We talked on various lively topics and I was convinced that the people who are talking with, atmosphere, tradition and the environment of the place are very important.  Such things are not possible even if we spent money and tried to imitate it.

The weather in Paris was wonderful.  Atmosphere was pleasant and the trees were in beautiful greens.  This is the best season to stay Paris in the year.  The feeling was very good.  I stayed in Paris in this season last year too.  Sometimes, it is nice to spend time with relaxation in a foreign country.  However, it was well enough busy schedules.

On 26th, I left from Gare de Lyon to Marseille.  From there I went to Cassis.  It was a small conference with the theme "Sustainability," organized by SONY laboratory.  It was held at Camargue last year.

I visited UNESCO-L’Oreal in March, Minister Pecresse visited me and I was interviewed by French TV in April.  I feel like I am being immersed in France these days.


Photo1  Cassis port


Photo2  Hotel where I was staying.


Photo3 Cassis Coastline

Photos 1~3 are senery of Cassis.  This resort are surrounded by white cliff, it was like Zushi Japan. It is the place where airplane of Antoine de Saint Exupery, famous for "The Little Prince," was hit and sunk down.