From California-1, UCLA after a long time


Dec. 4th, I flew to California.  First of all, I had lunch at Napa Valley Grille at Westwood, with my ULCA mentor, Dr. Kleeman(Photo1) and his wife.  Then, I went to the newly established California Nanosystems Institute(CNSI)(Photo2).  This is yet to be fully opened but some work has already started.  There are joint research programs with the University of Tokyo and National Institute for Materials Science(NIMS) at Tsukuba, and I am happy to hear it.  I met there Prof. Matsui of Kyushu University Silicon Valley Office was also visiting.  Since the research conducted over here is a joint work related to medicine, engineering, and chemistry, the research laboratory is constructed right in the center surrounded by these departments, and various ideas are applied to the system of how the researchers will participate.  This NanoTech Center aims to collaborate with Bio and also works in collaboration with Univ. of California Santa Barbara (The place where Mr. Nakamura Shuji who discovered Blue Diode was head-hunted) which focus mainly in the Nano material area.  I met several researchers and also met 2 Japanese scientists.  They are doing very interesting research projects.  They are involved in their research from past 10 and 20 years, respectively.  They are working hard.  I wish both all the best.

On the next day, I met Dr. Gerald Levey, Vice-Chancellor of Health Affair and Dean of School of Medicine. We knew each other for some 12 to 13 years.  We greeted each other and talked for an hour.  Then I had a meeting with the professor of pediatrics, Dr. McCabe(Photo4), who is a friend of Dr. Eto of Jikei University, both work in the same field, thus genetics of pediatrics deseases.  Dr. McCabe raises horses at the Doublestrand Ranch from the time he was at the Colorado University.  He is not only brilliant but the scale of activities is big.  I am envious.


Photo1 With my Mentor at UCLA, Dr. Kleeman.


Photo2 In the UCLA California Nanosystems Institute(CNSI).


Photo3 With Dr. Gerald Levey

Photo4 With Dr. McCabe, Dr. David Lundberg(In-charge of UCLA-CNSI international cooperation administration).

I still miss my university where I studied for quite a long period.  The penetrating blue sky of California which seems to beckon me to come back.  The unending bright campus, the University town, Westwood, I miss every part of it.  This is my 24 hours visit to UCLA, that I feel I wished I could come back.

I headed towards the airport and went to San Francisco.  By the way, the flight was late by around 2 hours and I reached in San Francisco at 5: 30 pm.