Impossible? It’s a Matter of Vision and Will to Challenge!

On July 3rd, after I returned from G8 Science Advisors meeting in beautiful Slovenia, I had a briefing in Press Center, Tokyo, with foreign correspondents on ‘Cool Earth 50’.  I thought the session went well with a lot of questions and discussions.  I received more than few e-mails from those who attended this briefing, saying it was very enjoyable because I was quite open, frank and receptive to any question, thus quite different from any previous press briefings by the Japanese government officials.  They indicated that government press briefs are not so amicable and usually provide little more than what are already on the web.  Of course, this may be the case since the government officials are extremely cautious what they say.  In addition, they have to deal with foreign press in English with the language barrier.

Mr. Von Martin Koelling reported my interview in Technology Review (in German) and I enjoyed reading his report.  Its English translation, with some editing by me, is here for you to read.  Enjoy it.

   "Impossible? It’s a Matter of  Vision and Will to Challenge!"
   Technology Review, July 10, 2007