Beijing WHO, Discussion on medical policy with Dr. Uzawa at Tokyo and blog


I arrived at Beijing from Abu Dhabi via Dubai on 24th October to participate in the conference of WHO Commission. This year’s conference was held at Geneva in January and at Vancouver in June.  We are working hard towards the release of the final report which is scheduled next year. Things being at this phase, the programs were mainly closed sessions by the Commissioners.

On 24th, Vice Minister of Health that commensurate with Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan (Photo1) hosted dinner.  The Vice Minister is a surgeon with specialization in liver transplantation etc.  I hear that even today, he sometimes does surgeries in the hospitals. Dr. Chen Zhu, my old friend, whom I have known through IAP etc. for more than 5 years, is the Minister of Health. Unfortunately, we could not meet this time.

Beijin012Photo1: Commissioner Yan Guo, Commission Chairman Sir Marmot, Vice Minister of Health and myself

26th was the final day of the conference.  Late in the afternoon, many flights from Beijing airport were cancelled due to fog.  Fortunately, my flight departed with just 1 hour delay and I reached Narita at 10:50 p.m.  However, there was neither a bus, nor a train or a taxi at that time of a day.  I couldn’t believe it!  Is this an international airport in the capital of a country of "Giant Economy"?

Next day 27th was a rainy Saturday as typhoon was approaching. I have attended the anniversary symposium of "Life and Medical Sciences" at Doshisha University organized by Dr. Hirofumi Uzawa, whom I very much respect (I have mentioned his name many times in this site, so please search it).  Dr. Uzawa wrote a prospectous of the symposium (PDF)which conveyed his great enthusiasm.  In it, he mentioned about my "University Hospital Revolution."  I was happy, honored and shy at the same time.  Not knowing so, I have arranged to give the book to all the participants so it turned out to be a good timing.

Uzawa013Photo2: With the always energetic Dr. Uzawa.

I really enjoyed talking with him.

Afterwards, the speech of both Dr. Uzawa and myself (the beggining of my speech was also used in the Lecture at Helsinki this August) was introduced in a blog (only in Japanese) very positively.  I was glad and sent comments of gratitude to the writer.