Am I “out of box”? “A stereotype breaker”?


In the morning of September 19th, I made a keynote speech at「BioJapan 2007-World Business Forum」 held at Pan Pacific Yokohama.  The CEO of Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Maraganore from USA (whom I’ve met 3 years ago at his company) started by talking about "Progress in development of a new class of innovative medicines."  His speech was followed by the CEO of Novozymes, Denmark, Mr. Riisgaard who talked about "Bioethanol – A sustainable contribution to the future energy supply," then I talked about "Innovation of bio technology: where is it heading to?".

There were people from OECD and the 6 of us had a pleasant talk over dinner the previous night.  There were 2 people whom I have known for a while.  It’s quite a small world.

By the way, Newsweek Japan (September 19 edition) published a cover story titled "Confession of a Tokyo Correspondent."  In this report, David McNeil writes his hope to tell about "the true Japan."  He is a Tokyo correspondent of the British Independent newspaper, but also contributes articles to other foreign newspapers.  He is also a coordinator of "Japan Focus."

In the headline "Japanese authorities prefer to introduce their exotic character," there is a phrase as follows:
"・・・And they like to introduce people who destroy the stereotype of a no face Japanese working like a working drone in Japan, a giant machine.  There are a lot of unique and talented people in Japan like Kenji Kawakami who presides Japan’s Unuseless Invention Society, Special Advisor to the Cabinet Kiyoshi Kurokawa, designer Jun Takahashi, composer Kazue Mizushima, Japanese Taiko drummer Eitetsu Hayashi etc. I’m lucky that I get paid by writing about them. ・・・."

So am I different from ordinary Japanese?  I don’t care that much, but I’m honored that they see me "decently."

At night I had dinner with the British healthcare authorities and people from the British media like "Independent."