To Top Management Seminar, Karuizawa


I participated in Karuizawa Top Management Seminar which was held on July 13 in Karuizawa. Professor Reona Ezaki, myself and Professor Tasaka Hiroshi were the 3 members of the Panel and the topic was "Innovation and Human Power". Tasaka Hiroshi who was hosting the seminar is professor at Tama University and is managing Sophia Bank along with Ms Kumi Fujisawa. The report summary will be published on the site in the near future.

Dr. Ezaki is a very well-known personality and Dr. Tasaka who is an extrovert person with good social interaction has written number of books which are posted on his site and multiple blogs (both links are in Japanese). I asked him to come to the hearing of “Innovation 25 conference" to express his views. He is also supporting the Social Entrepreneur Activity through the activity called ‘Sophia Bank’ with Ms. Kumi Fujisawa. Isn’t it wonderful! Our interim report of “Innovation 25” also indicates the importance of these "Social Entrepreneurs". There was a series on this reported in Nikkei a while ago, too.

On the same day the honor lecture was delivered by Dr, Makoto Iokibe , former Professor of Political Science of Kobe University who was inaugurated last year to the President of National Defense Academy of Japan . He is a famous personality whose information is available on Wikipedia as well. When I was President of the Science Council of Japan, he helped me a lot as a member at international conferences etc. He told us many interesting things. I heard that lectures of President are organized every month. It is wonderful that Dr. Iokibe gives lecture every month as the provost.  I was especially impressed by his comparison of the strategies Japan has adopted in Asia after its victory in Russo-Japanese war 100 years ago with Kandata, a  thief which appears in the famous short story of "Kumono Ito (spider’s thread)" , by Ryunosuke Akutagawa.