Again from Singapore


I left New Delhi in the evening of August 9 and arrived at Singapore in the morning of August 10. My visit here is since April, to participate in the Board of directors meeting of A*STAR (Also introduced in the posting of April) known as Center of science and technology of Singapore which is held three times a year.

The day I arrived Singapore from India happened to be the day for commemoration of founding of the Nation. There was a grand celebration and spectacular show in the evening. It was telecasted live on the television; I could see a part of the celebration from the hotel also.

The next day was board of directors meeting of A*STAR  , whose members were all internationally active leaders and discussions were heated .  Everyone was filled with enthusiasm to bring up, select, and make globally competent leaders out of young, wonderful talents.  Constructive ideas were exchanged openly, which is just not a common practice in Japan.   The meeting is very constructive and stimulating, the progress status and evaluation of various programs are discussed openly as the country intends to implement excellent proposals as much as possible. In short, it is a wonderful board meeting.  Of course, the data handouts are arranged by the secretariat, but I sense a strong determination and ability of the government to promote things based on the discussion of board of directors.  Very different from some other country.

I met Dr. Yamada of Gates foundation who was in Tokyo with me (I have introduced in the postings of April 20 and August 16) , and for the first time saw Ms. Padmasree Warrior (a person from India, graduated from that famous IIT),  CTO of Motorola.  Mr. Rajat Gupta of Global Fund whom I wrote about the other day, was also an IIT graduate, so there was a lively conversation.

Anyway, no matter in what country, such discussions on how to attract young talents and prepare fields for them to perform have unexplainable dynamic charms.  Naturally, I was involved in it with enthusiasm.

I arrived at Narita in the morning of August 11.