From Singapore. Participation in World Economic Forum on East Asia


I returned back home after finishing the overseas work in Slovenia and Paris. Then I worked one day in Japan and came to Singapore for participating in Asia-Pacific/East Asia conference, “Davos Forum” (World Economic Forum), which is held annualy in January. The events of the conference can be viewed at Website of World Economic Forum.

Davos meeting is held every year in January at Davos in Switzerland, and recently it is widely known in Japan as well. I have been attending this conference since last 6 years and have written about  the events of the conference. (Year 2007 etc.). Furthermore, besides this conference, they have been deploying various activities worldwide. Refer to

This East Asia conference has been held since past few years and last year it was held in Tokyo, Japan for the first time. I participated in India Economic Summit, conducted in New Delhi, last year  and this time I will be participating in panel called Innovation “Mantra”.

The photographs and video of this panel can be viewed at the following sites.

The participants from Japan were Dr. Heizo Takenaka, Economic counselor, Mr. Khono from ministry of foreign affairs who is going to work as Sherpa for the G8 summit next year, Mr. Hirotaka Takeuchi, whom I have introduced in my blog  6/8, Mr. Tsukamoto from JETRO and Mr. Yokoyama from Social System Design.  They all are my associates, friends, and good debaters. Mr. Wakabayashi, the state minister for the environment,  participated in this meeting also and talked about principles and position of Japan in G8 summit.  This was very good, too.

After returning to Japan,  Mr. Fujisue of Democratic Party promptly wrote about this on his own website.

Whenever opportunity arises, we must report, ask questions, and write relevant details about the topics and queries. Presence of Japan should be improved much, much more. 
I would like to express my recognition and appreciation to all who have participated in the conference for their hard work.