To Okinawa, Who is the expert of email? and Chinese Translation of Innovation 25

Today (6th), I went to Okinawa and came back to Osaka in a day.

In Okinawa, I attended a groundbreaking to commemorate the start of construction of the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology. Dr. Sydney Brenner, president of this Institute, Mr. Hirokazu Nakaima, governor of Okinawa Prefecture and many other people were in attendance at this great ceremony. Finally, our OIST plan will be realized. I look forward to your continued support.

Mr. Ikuo Nishioka is a top talent at one of Japan’s powerful venture capital companies and an entrepreneur himself. He is writing a series column called "Ikuo Nishioka’s IT Tool Box" on the Nikkei business online website "The Latest Way of Management." In his second column "Executives Especially Need to Use Emails," he introduced how executives use emails and he even introduced me. I was very happy. Please read his column.

As you know, the English translation of Innovation 25 is on the website, and now you can read the Chinese translation. I am glad to see the translated version. In the "flat" world, sending messages to the world is crucial. The general public throughout the world will be able to evaluate what we do. This is the "flat" world. Japanese does not communicate to the world enough and effective. Is this because of our thinking? Maybe it is because of Japanese leaders who have closed minds.