Sending out “Innovation 25” interim report


I have been reading the comments in media and blog etc. about “Innovation 25” interim report which I mentioned in my column on February 28th. A discussion at Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy presented something similar to my thoughts which I expressed in my blog on March 12th. Finally university reform seems to be aiming at the same direction. However, expecting universities to carry out reforms spontaneously is difficult and it is not surprisingly so when you come to think about the history of their establishment. If you look at Mr.Deguchi’s DND , you will find lively discussions going on about this also. I appreciate it.

I am also sending out more messages. It is important to do so because it gives me an opportunity to listen to your thoughts and opinions. In the March 2007 edition of “JST News” I am talking about the “keyword” of innovation under the title of “A society that nurtures out of box talents, heterogeneity and nails that stick out”. It was broadcasted on cable television as part of government’s PR activities. I received calls saying “I saw you on TV”, but unfortunately I missed it because I am not a cable TV user.

In the column “economics classroom” of Nikkei newspaper March 27th edition, I touch upon the essence of innovation under the title “Social system reform is the essence”. The top headline is “Overcome environment and disparities; don’t fall behind in policy competition”, sub headlines are “A flat world that can not be turned back”, “Conquer the logic of suppliers and collaborate” and “Social entrepreneurs gaining importance”.

The executive summary of “Innovation 25” English version is now posted on the web site of Prime Minster of Japan and His Cabinet. A bit late, but isn’t it something unique for a Japanese policy? British Ambassador Sir Fry whom I met at a certain gathering gave me an immediate response to this and told me that he has read the report. I think it is important to send out this kind of messages and to get feedbacks.

Anyway, Japan is not so visible from the outside. Government, private sectors and academic societies do not even think of sending messages out to the public. What are they to do in this world of flat and global era with such a stance, I wonder.  Every now and then I write and say “open your eyes, heart and think”. The world is indeed broad.