Learn from Korea? Why not?


As I have mentioned in my previous posting, Nikkei newspaper published an editorial urging Japanese to learn from Korea.  Good idea.  Nuclear plants, Samsung, Hyundai, Vancouver Olympic… Korea has been giving us blows on our nose in rows these days. 

By the way, JBPress or other web news in Japan which I comment on every now and then – they are pretty ‘cool’ actually.  Just recently too I found on JBPress an article by Mr. Toru Noguchi featuring Samsung titled ‘Vancouver Olympic, the true winner was Samsung; another long term strategy on project development here, its not just about semiconductor or LCD’ (in Japanese)

How are Japanese newspapers reporting on these issues, I wonder?  The direction the world is headed is clear enough.  What can I say if Japanese newspaper publishing houses still keep on competing over the volume of circulation and stick on ‘Kisha club (Japan National Press Club) or Members Only’ policy.

On the other hand, Korean media also reports on learning from Korea.

JoongAng Daily posted an article "Japan is now learning from ‘Korea express’ " on its Japanese web site, commenting on Nikkei editorial and also commenting to the special feature of Nikkei Business which I have touched upon in my previous posting on my web site.  They also included my comments, through an interview over telephone to me in Paris.